For the 1,000th time, no.

Pay-at-the-pump during -10 degree wind chill:

"Press 'Pay Inside' or swipe your card."

"Would you like a receipt?" No.

"Would you like a car wash?" No.

"Is this a debit card?" No.

"Please enter your zip code." BeepBeepBeep.....(blow on hand to slow down the frostbite).....BeepBeep

"Would you like the clerk to squeegee?" No.

"Would you like a breakfast chimichanga?" No.

"Hash browns?" No.

"How about a newspaper?" NO!

"Would you like" NO! Pump my gas!

"How about" NO!

"WH" NO!!!!

NONONONONONO!!!!! (cramming on the 'No" button)

"Error. Please press 'Pay Inside' or swipe your card again"


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