Happy (sort of) Anniversary.

18 years ago today at about 7:00 p.m.-ish on a beautiful day like today, a girl showed up on a guy's doorstep.

Thankfully, the girl saw past the guy's hideous outfit, the lame first thing he said to her, and the fact that he had his eye on her friend.

In the days immediately after, he gave her cheesy carnations. He told her he hated country music (her favorite). He was spectacularly un-smooth in asking her out on a date.

And when he did take her out, it was to Embers after he made her watch him play football with his fraternity brothers. Ugh.

The place he lived looked like a failed experiment on TLC's "Next Design Reject". He played horrendous music when they were together and he continued to dress like a dweeb. His Mom interrogated her when they first met.

The years have passed and the guy has a lot of little aches and pains and inane stuff to complain about, but bad fortune will never be one of them.

She stuck with him and still does.

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