Not just any Champion.

Someone just picked himself up a brand spankin' new American Standard Champion 4 Max today!

What's an American Standard Champion 4 Max? Glad you asked.

The American Standard Champion 4 Max is only the absolute manliest sounding toilet bowl ever made. Fire in the hole baby!

Say it out loud: "American Standard Champion 4 Max". Made you want to grunt and hike up your dungarees, didn't it? Happens to everyone.

But wait, there's more. According to the lit-trit-chure, the American Standard Champion 4 Max can flush an entire bucket of golf balls. Nope, not joking. It's even right there on the box with a photo of a bucket of golf balls.

And no ominous "do not try this at home" or "just because it says it can doesn't mean we're inviting you to do so".

Oh yeah! Let 'er rip. FORE!!!


Which is great because....well...let's just say the old one couldn't. And, hey, you never know when you might need to quickly dispose of that bucket of golf balls you keep in the bathroom.

Oh, and if anyone wants a used plunger for cheap, there's one available.

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