Teenager Chronicles

Unusual Teenager Phenomenon, Feb 2016: FaceTime

It looks like the thing to do nowadays as a teen (meaning this microsecond until the next teen trend comes along) is to FaceTime with someone and keep it live for 6 hours while going about whatever it is that teenagers do.

As Jack moves about the house, there's Some Other Voice following him around. Some Other Voice sometimes goes silent for a while, but the person is still there (just in some other house, walking around with Jack on FaceTime, and freaking out some other set of parents while doing whatever it is teenagers do).

Thank goodness for unlimited data.

There's an upside to this phenomenon: Sarah was mentioning to Jack that he needed a ride to his church event this weekend. Some Other Voice overheard and announced that her parents would take him.

The next time some keys or the TV remote are missing, hopefully Some Other Voice will have seen them through FaceTime while virtual-wandering around the house.

Side note: Jack's other friend came over yesterday...in-person...and for whatever reason, they felt a sudden urge to make a tray of meatballs from scratch. Maybe Some Other Voice put them up to it.

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