Random encounter.

Here's a statement of the obvious: Gretchen is kind of pretty. Which is why it was a little surprising at first that she didn't seem to know what to make of a stranger asking to take her photograph.

Through some chatting while lenses and camera were being fumbled, it became clear that she might just be immersed in so many fascinating things and the people around her that she simply isn't caught up in her own outward appearance. A wonderful absence of pretentiousness.

Her direction -- both immediate and life -- are part of her fascinating world. Gretchen was waiting for a light rail train to travel to practice with a band called "Breakfast Anytime" (a brilliant band name) where her boyfriend is the band's bass player and she does "backup vocals". Long-term, she's studying Art History and is thinking of getting a master's degree and teaching and probably quietly changing the world.

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