Seems like ages ago.

When I looked, I couldn't believe I took this picture less than two months ago. It feels like ages. We were criss-crossing Manhattan in the subway and this cutie was amused by my camera, the goofy faces I was making at her, or both. I fired off a quick shot to show her how she "magically appeared" on the back of the camera. More giggling ensued. I loved the photo.

About 30 seconds later, the train stopped and she was whisked away to go blind some other people and places with her sunshine. Jack arrives in New York City today on a band trip. I'm excited for him to get back to Manhattan so soon; to dive a little deeper into the chaos and energy, and also to experience hundreds of thousands of new faces and people, and possibilities. I could tell when we were there he was inspired by the sheer volume of possibilities NYC has to offer. He has that good sense of wonder. I can't wait to hear what -- or who -- he discovered this time.

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