Things changing and things staying the same.

There isn't always a lot to write about. Today you get three things:

- The Teenager (I've got 2 months left to say that...then I'll have 2 "The Teenagers" and it won't make sense)...well,...Teenager 1 going to dinner with his best friend the other night resulted in this report: "It was me and Brandon and 11 deaf people." Literally. Now deaf people aren't anything new (or "modern") but the kids growing up nowadays are integrated into a much more diverse and vibrant community of friends/acquaintances. I think it's a good thing. And kind of funny to think about.

- Maggie was away for the weekend so I hadn't seen her in almost 4 days. We were reunited last night when the doorbell rang and she was part of a group of trick-or-treaters. She was the tallest one, the oldest-looking one, and the most mature-looking one. It was partly the costume (zombie hockey about low-hanging fruit in our house), but also that she is tall, older-looking, and mature-looking (in terms of 10 year-olds)...I almost didn't recognize her. With just over 2 years to go, the back corner of my mind has already started the process of the "setting free" of Jack as he inches towards college. Benny is in that middle child ether-world and seems stuck in time and space. But's hitting me hard how quickly she is growing up. I'm not ready at all for this. I actually hate it.

- On the flip side, the best costume of Halloween 2016 was the first one at the door last night: Tiny little girl awkwardly trying to see out of the white sheet with two holes cut in it for eyes...ghost. Classic! It made me happy and nostalgic, kind of like when "Small Town" (or maybe "Pink Houses"...I forget) by John Mellencamp came on the radio the other day. I love those songs and I loved the ghost costume. My soul pines for things that never, ever change.

Have a classic day today.

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