What could possibly go wrong?

This showed up on our kitchen counter the other day. I'd love to know whose brilliant idea this was.

I didn't open it, but I've already drawn a few conclusions (and proactively bought an extra liter of Goo Gone):

Experiment #1 had to have been "See what happens when you leave the milk out" because from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, no matter how hard I tried, I think the kids left the jug on the counter 1,700 times.

Judging from the kids' weekend, I imagine other experiments in there are things like how bad you can make your hockey bag smell by never unpacking it, inviting the entire animal kingdom into your home through perpetually open garage doors, and how fast can we make Dad's tools rust by leaving them in the yard.

Maybe Volume 2 has "How to Build a Laundry Picking-up Robot" and "Cleaning up the Mess Your Last Science Experiment Made". Or "Put Away the Damned Milk".

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