Veterans Day.

I appreciate the fortune of having kids that seem to be in touch with what feels right in their hearts. It makes difficult conversations easier, and sometimes even unnecessary as I can simply ask them, "does that feel right to you?"

They also seem to understand something that I know to be true: That we're all flawed, and we all need grace and forgiveness at times. We sometimes let our minds and mouths lead, and sometimes they leave the heart in the shadows behind.

Today, I thank and honor those that serve others through military service, especially those that do so at the expense of their own safety and well-being. As I do from time to time, this morning I visited with a number of people that served and have gone on to a better place. As always, I asked for their grace and forgiveness on my life and actions.

My hope is to continue to model -- and inspire -- honor like they have, by living a life worthy of their sacrifices and led by the heart.

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