Looking back.

Sometimes social media reminds you what was on your mind "On this Date" in past years. Today, mine reminded me that I was thinking about the situation of refugees around the world and what to make of them.

Not a political position. Just my thoughts.

It's important to me that I am confident my heart is in the right place. Reading this again, I think I might just turn out OK. With a little kindness, we all might just turn out OK.

From November 17, 2015:

"I don't have a "position" and I don't have answers. But something doesn't sit right when I hear about states and people summarily refusing to accept refugees from faraway places "because maybe terrorism".

It might be tied to Veterans Day being a few days ago, but this morning I started thinking about the lengths people went, risking their lives, to hide people fleeing the holocaust in their attics and under their floorboards for years on end. Risking torture and death to smuggle babies out of concentration camps in toolboxes, training dogs to bark at guards, so they wouldn't hear the baby crying at the checkpoint.

I think about all those times I read historic accounts of discrimination in 60s America and Japanese internment camps -- right here in America, not too long ago -- and thought all righteously, "No way I would have stood by and let that happen!" But now am I doing just that?

My mind goes to Maggie's Somali and Sudanese "BFFs" in school and how they tell Maggie about the relatives they have over there that have been executed for one reason or another. (Note: I don't know if the stories the kids come home with are true. But true or not, the kids know their friends come from war-torn countries.)

Then I think about me, and where I am (cozy and safe) and what I'm doing (not a lot). Is my door open?

Yeah, I hear the talk show callers: It's possible that someone in those 100,000 refugees might be the next Tsarnaev brother or Paris jihadist. "We can't vet them thoroughly."

But my sense is that it's more probable that someone in there might be the next Anne Frank (refugee) or Albert Einstein (refugee) or Elie Wiesel (refugee) or Pope Francis (parents were refugees fleeing Mussolini). Or maybe the next unnamed medical researcher that makes a cancer breakthrough or whatever.

Again, I don't have a defined answer or a position but the logic for blindly barring the door to the US isn't adding up. I'm posting this because I'm cringing at seeing people get slammed for even considering letting a few people take refuge in our midst and I wonder why.

"Because maybe terrorism" doesn't persuade me. Suspicion and illogical fears don't make me nod in approval when children are sleeping on dirt, people are being gathered up in "camps" (sounds oddly familiar), or children's dead bodies are washing up on beaches.

There's my "journal entry"; that's what's on my mind."

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