Things that only I care about, vol. 32

Another sign that Sarah and I were meant to be together: The Hot Student Loan Payoff Date

Well, not exactly a "date", but close. After hundreds of months and many, many thousands of dollars, we both made the final payments of our last student loans this month.

"Undergrad was the best 17 years of my life." ~Anonymous quote from guy that may or may not be me.

The timing is more of a coincidence than you might think. 17 years of chipping away at that Bachelor's for me, the more traditional 4 for her. (Bo-ring!) But then she had to go and one-up me with that Master's degree. (Side note: One-upping me in academics isn't exactly "hard to do". Show up to any class more than twice + Take your textbook out of the shrink wrap ever = You've got me beat.)

Three minutes after it came in the mail, I tossed my diploma in the back of some drawer somewhere. It's probably romancing Sarah's stack of gold-leaf-etched certificates and magnas and summas and all the other cum laudes.

But now that it's actually mine, I should push aside my winter underpants or whatever it's hiding behind, and drag that thing out of the drawer. I need to magnet it to the fridge or something as a reminder that some bills actually do come to an end if you wait long enough (and pay 10,000x the loan amount in interest).

Clearly, neither of us majored in Finance.


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