Southern love.

Staying true to the name of the blog, today's bit of "randomness" is this:

We love "Garden & Gun" magazine.

Now how is it that a north country-based (or maybe north not-so-country-more-like-suburbia) blog about everyday bits and pieces on work and parenting and so forth connects to a southern lifestyle, art & culture, and sporting life publication?

Just go ahead and click below -- or, better yet, grab a real, live copy -- and you'll see right away.

Garden & Gun is an ongoing progressive party across the south with wonderful food, beautiful architecture, back roads, bluegrass, and so on. Every year when we head down south, it's the first thing that gets picked up when easing back into the rocker out on the porch.

Kind Acts of Randomness shares one other common interest with Garden & Gun, and that's brilliant photography. This morning, they launched their look back on 2016 through photos, and it's captivating. Most certainly worth a share.


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