What in the Sam Hill is going on?

I think in "Blog 101" class, they don't instruct you to go 2-3 weeks in between blog posts.

I think like most of my experience with academia, I probably skipped the day they taught that.

Unlike "busy sleeping" and "don't feel like it", I have a legit excuse this time: Fighting to the death against the kids growing up.

It's one of those times that every time I take a breath, another milestone (or something that feels like a milestone) in their lives shoots by.

Maggie. We just dealt with the annual emotion of the end of a hockey season. This was the year she had "the best friends ever". Great girls, super fun, and 3rd place in the District. All of that means the tears that it's over were flowing.

But at the same time, she's shooting like a rocket towards the end of her time in Elementary school. Which means WE are ending our time as a family with Elementary school. It's enough that she's "double digits", but closing the door on Elementary school seems to me like a big deal. I'm not sure I'm ready.

Earlier this week, we got the news that because of a construction project at the Middle school, next year's 8th graders would be heading over to the High school a year early. It feels like 12 minutes ago that we were sending Benny INTO Middle school. What gives?

Ben's hockey season also wrapped up on Sunday with a District Championship in a white knuckle tournament. One dramatic finish after another, they won them all. Coach/Dad/Team Photographer Me was spent. The kid grew so much this season. He became a real leader right before our eyes, not just in stats, but his attitude, desire, maturity. He'll need every lesson he learned as he gets tossed back into, and claws his way to the top of the pile that will be High school pre-freshman-ish-ness.

After band concert #866 for the Spring, the oldest one and I agreed that a 12-degree Monday night in March screamed out for a bubble tea outing.

Yeah...bubble tea. Jack has sophisticated tastes. He's sponging up information about the world, a lot of it first-hand. He flashes his straight-A report card around, he got hired for his first job this week, and despite his protestations that it's "not dating", it seems he has some form of pleasantly close and mature friendship that's going well for a long period of time with a girl.

But while fiddling around with the phone at the bubble tea place, I glance up and see this dude that looks like he just finished a 12-hour shift at his junior stockbroker job. This can't be a 10th grader sipping bubble tea and Snapchatting his supposedly platonic friend-that-is-a-girl after a band concert, can it?

I didn't doubt anyone when they said "the years will fly by", but I didn't realize how clearly and deeply you FEEL them as they go by.

There but for the Grace of God they'll get wherever they're going.

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