Can't it ever just be Monday?

Happy Monday, everyone.

Wait....what? It's not Monday? It sure feels like one. In spades. And the calendar....

Oh no. Only a few scant hours after the last Holiday -- it's "National Day to Prep for the Next Holiday Day".

The Advil hasn't even killed the post-Easter throbbing headaches, and email just told me it's time to be buying "Gifts for Mom".

Cover your ears because I'm about to scream: Enough with the holidays and events already!

Don't misunderstand me. It's not that I don't love my family -- immediate and extended -- and recognize the blessings of having things and people to celebrate (and celebrate with). I appreciate them and the love and joy of these things and the effort they make to make it wonderful for each other.

I do appreciate my country and past presidents, laborers, Christopher Columbus and the pilgrims, Jesus Christ (baby and adult versions), victory in Europe, civil rights heroes, and ghosts and pumpkins.

But it's the logistics. I don't even really do that much compared to the rest of my family. Still...I just...can't...take another cycle of planning and shopping and spending and decorating and cleaning and prepping and traveling and un-decorating and recovering. And the marketing of it all.

A week removed from a week-long birthday celebration, we spent a portion of Easter (and 4 other birthday observances) coordinating family calendars for the next set of gatherings and celebrations. There were representatives from four families with a combined total of 17 calendars to consider. By the time we left the kitchen table, the entire month of July was double-booked, and dates were penciled in for things happening in October.

And that's just one side of the family.

The Easter ham and potatoes are still digesting and Costco is already telling me I need to get ready to give the Gift of Beautiful Skin! Oh....and a 48-pack of Sensodyne toothpaste because nothing says "I love you Mom" better than dulling her dental senses for the next three centuries.

These aren't even "real" problems, but my head swims with this stuff.

Besides a Costco-sized bottle of booze for Father's Day (just two short shopping months from tomorrow!!), I'd love to know people's ways of coping with it all and not having it feel like a never-ending series of things that drown out the real meaning of the days.

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