Look at the pretty sky!

One minute you're riding the bike, and then all of a sudden the bike is riding you.

The funny thing...well the not-so-funny-but-noteworthy thing is, I had just laid the bike down 5 minutes before and was thinking that even though I ride hundreds-to-thousands of miles each year, I haven't fallen off a bike since I was probably 12. And despite skinning my knee, falling off a bike as an adult wasn't really that horrible.

I'll save the grossness of full color, but I have to share my Honorary Achievement Award of Excellence in Forgetting I'm Old and Out of Shape.

The other funny thing...and this IS funny (but maybe wasn't to me at the time)...is that on the second crash I never even had time to unclip from the pedals. So I was basically skidding down the hill I just came up on my back while being attacked from above by the bike that was stuck to my feet.

Anyhoo...once the bike finished with me and I was able to sufficiently thrash and kick it off of me, at least I had a nice view.

Happy July 4th. Here's to keeping things upright the rest of the day.

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