Hot Diggety Dog!

This old dog's fixin' to learn some new tricks!

What's that thing, you ask?

Well let me tell you. That there is a brand spanking new Deering Goodtime clawhammer banjo, and it's mine all mine!

Yee ha!

Now there's just the little issue of...well...I don't know the first darned thing about how to operate a banjo. Hell, I'm half afraid to take it out of the bag. I honest to God don't even know how to hold it.

So for now, I open the case, pluck the strings one at a time and giggle like a schoolgirl at the beautiful, bright sound. 

I'm so excited. I own a banjo!

The way I figure it, I'll just do what I've always done when I'm in a bit over my head: Google it.

"How to hold a clawhammer banjo." I'm sure somebody knows.

Hey, don't laugh. Google taught me how to field dress a deer one time when I went deer hunting and shot a deer and then was standing there over the deer thinking "now what the hell do I do with this dead deer?!?"

Fixed the brakes on the minivan too. Did I die in a crash? Well...not yet anyway.

I own a banjo! when all of you get those desperate, urgent Facebook posts asking "Hey I really, really need a banjo on Thursday...does anyone know who I can borrow one from??" you can say "Why yes...yes I do, in fact!"

Because I own a banjo!

HooWEE! What a day!

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