A Brain Surgeon?! Ugh.

The other day when the grandparents were over, the 10 year-old announces that she's "going to be a brain surgeon."

Oh hell.

Don't misunderstand. Not only do I have no doubt in my mind that if she wants to be a brain surgeon, she can do that and I'm going to see to helping her pursue it. I would also be thrilled because...well, duh...that's a career that could really help a lot of people for the better.

But, with one who is actually, legitimately on the verge of likely applying to some of the country's most prestigious schools to pursue medicine, I was double-blasted by the thought of who the heck is going to pay for all of this school.

There's really only one thing I know for certain about college financing right now: I sure can't finance college for anyone. Uh-uh...no sir.

I hear about the "student loan crisis" in the news. My reaction: "I'm a student loan crisis".

I'm practically shitting a brick at the thought of signing Maggie's hockey registration check in a week. Last I heard, that's about the same cost as a semester's worth of books at Columbia. I don't have the cash for either.

I know, I know...you're wondering what the point of all of this is. Well, there really isn't one besides immortalizing these thoughts because, despite life's efforts to the contrary, I still have some tiny light of hope that I'll one day read these things and be able to celebrate having figured things out and made it through.

Maybe some of you are in the same boat -- suffering from being overwhelmed all the time -- and can take comfort knowing you're not alone. If so, let's go have a beer (cheap/domestic/happy hour special) and commiserate.

Or maybe some of you in the "been there, done that" crowd can remind me, "I was there once. It gets better" and throw me a few pearls of wisdom.

The comment box is below...knock yourselves out.

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