"You're kidding, right?"

So the text exchange goes:

(Her): Photo of flyer for "Goat Yoga" and comment of "Huh?"

(Him): It's really a thing. And I'm signing us up.

(Her): That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.

(Him): I know. That's why I'm signing us up. Namaste!

.......long pause in response......

(Her): You're kidding, right?

Was I kidding when I said I ordered new checks with semi trucks on them? Nope. And I'm not kidding now either.

So guess what...Sarah and Dave are heading on a date!

To do Goat Yoga!

At a real, live goat farm in Wisconsin!!

All I know about yoga is that me and it are not compatible at all. But goats! I love goats! Enough that I'm going to yoga with them anyway.

Or they're going to do yoga with me. I don't really know. But we're going to find out because we're signed up for Goat Yoga! Hooray!!

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