I heart yoga!

"Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open."

- John Barrymore

OK, let's be honest. No, I still don't love yoga. But now, when I say "I really don't think yoga is for me", at least I can point to the fact that I've actually done yoga.

But a really unexpected thing happened this weekend...right in the wheelhouse of the "Kind Acts of Randomness" spirit:

Something involving yoga brought me pure joy. The life-long Yin to my Yang (or whatever the yoga term is for bride) and I had romantic date at Goat Yoga!

Have you done Goat Yoga? No, I didn't think so.

But I'm telling you right now, you should find Goat Yoga, and you should do Goat Yoga.

"Where do I find Goat Yoga?" you ask.

I'm not sure aside from Roberts, Wisconsin through "Have Ya Herd", a small family farm and Goat Yoga "studio" just outside the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. You can check them out here: Have Ya Herd

Maybe there's Goat Yoga near you too. (If there isn't, there should be)

Here's how Goat Yoga went for us, and probably how it goes for everybody:

- Beautiful Fall morning drive into Wisconsin farm country.

- Arrival at Goat Yoga, check-in.

- Apprehension on how this is going to go.

- Gathering in Goat Yoga space, laying out your mat, more apprehension, and wondering "what the hell did we get ourselves into?"

- Gate flings open, a dozen goats enter, and uncontrollable laughter ensues for the next 60 minutes.

And, well, yoga happened too.

Joking aside, the yoga was casual but legit. The instructor, Kelsey, had the perfect demeanor to respect the workout while balancing the fun and chaos of a herd of goats being mixed in. The yoga felt good; the laughter felt great.

Pose. Laugh. Re-pose. Shake goat poop off your mat....it was really a riot.

It was pure and unexpected happiness. I would love to do it again soon, although after getting shooed off the farm for continually threatening to steal Frosty, the white Nigerian Dwarf goat, I'm not 100% sure I'll be welcomed back.

At least I have a picture of her.

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