Happy Thanksgiving.

Or happy Annual Festival of Curmudgeon-ness, if you're so inclined.

And, of course, I'm so inclined. 

A little of the edge gets taken off, though, as I think about and follow on social media the ongoing recovery of the people I visited in the Keys in the Fall. 

Two months later and they're still getting utilities, bulldozing, wondering where they will live, and navigating piles of debris. The photo below was taken two days ago. (I recognize the place actually)

I mean, how can I complain?

Please, as you enjoy the abundance of these holidays, if you can continue to send prayers, or vibes, or whatever your version of long-distance juju is to the Lower Keys, they could really use your support. Spread the word too.

On a different note, some good things happened in the last couple weeks. Or interesting, at least. The details aren't important right now, but I will say that one may involve operating a forklift. 

Some of you know how much fun I had using an actual tractor to mow an actual field in Georgia last Spring. Operating a forklift might rank right up there. 

We'll see what happens!

Anyway...for some of you the holidays are "the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and for others it can be a dreaded time of emptiness and blues that can't end too soon.

Either way, as the holiday season essentially kicks off tonight, I wish you all good health, recovery, and peace. Or at least a few moments of kind acts of randomness and unexpected fun.

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