I'm still here.

If you're someone that follows along closely, you either a) have been wondering where the hell I've been the last half a year(!) or b) knew that I started a new job not too long ago. Time to write has taken a back seat to time to think, which has taken a back seat to time to eat, drink, and breathe.

It's been hectic.

But today, while I finally had a minute to do the multitasking of breathing, eating and drinking over lunch, I opened an email from a friend that had a link to a video that got me thinking, and I had to carve out time to do the writing.

Because it went a little something like this. Headline: "Watch a surfer take on a monster wave off the coast of Portugal". I click and, sure enough, there's this really huge wave and right in the center is a little surfer dude riding it out. (It would have been more fun if he crashed, though)

What caught my eye, and what launched me into this random train of thought that happens to me so often, was that off to the side of the screen, on the same wave, was another little something carving a streak across the water. It was a guy on a Jet-ski, anonymously doing something, but hauling ass to get off the wave.

"What was up with that dude?"

Which caused me to wonder about, have you ever watched a documentary about climbing Mount Everest or some other crazy-ass mountain and thought to yourself, "wait, this guy is climbing Everest, but we're watching him do it from above and below and from the left and right side, so a group of poor saps had to also climb up there, but with the bonus of hauling a camera and hanging out 25 yards off the shoveled path (or whatever) to the side to get a cool "wide shot".

I'm thinking the dude climbing in the shot gets all the glory, and the poor saps with the cameras maybe get their name in the credits or, worse, become a footnote that plunged himself AND a $10,000 camera to their deaths into a 1/4-mile deep crevasse.

It kind of compelled me to jump on here and publicly salute the camera-guy-who-actually-summited-first, the guy who unbelievably Jet-skied the 10-story wave, and all the other scrubs that make it possible for Climber Dude and Surfer Man to grab their headlines.

From one guy who Knows No Glory to the others, well done and God bless.

Keep up the great work.

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