2019: The Year of the Strange and Unknown

Things rarely go as expected when a parent starts nosing around in a teenager's room.

Yesterday was no exception. I'm innocently glancing around the desk area of the oldest and my eyes come across this:

Straight up: What in the hell is this?

"Jack! Get in here and explain this and STAT!"

If you can't envision how quickly my eyes glossed over in confusion and my head started bolting off to desperately find a "safe space" from the carnage, I'll help you: It was about 11 milliseconds.

Seriously. I think I'm a reasonably intelligent person. But not only am I lost on the SECOND word of this paper, I don't think I could figure out how to even type 2/3 of the symbols on the page.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at here. I THINK it's math of some sort. I KNOW it's exhausting to look at. And it's a miracle of improbability that somehow my genetics helped contribute to a 16 year-old who understands it.


While we're on the subject of academics, the matter of shipping Jack off to college in the Fall has gotten more and more "real." The acceptance is in, the finance stuff in the works, and some combination of us is heading to an "Admit Weekend" in April. I really can't wait since I'm planning on being there for sure.

In a similar but much more heartwarming way to not comprehending the kid's math homework (or any of the kids' for that matter), I'm having a hard time getting my mind around the unexpected awesomeness of parenting around the college process.

We here in the US of A are blessed with incredible academic institutions (none of which I capitalized on in any meaningful way) and there's something incredibly cool about one of them reading your kid's application and saying, "we GET who you are and we want you here."

That's probably a universal desire of all parents -- that the world sees and appreciates their uniqueness, however it manifests itself. It's special when it happens.

Every few days, we get a piece of mail that builds on the excitement. Yesterday, it was a great letter from the Admissions person that evaluated Jack's application.

The letter had a nice handwritten note with comments that further proved that he's going to a place that really understands and appreciates him, and that has an endless supply of amazing opportunities for him to really pursue a rewarding and meaningful life.

I'm so overwhelmingly stoked for him.

It's definitely one of a lot of new and interesting things seemingly in store for 2019. There are trips planned, milestone events, and even an eye surgery for me in a week's time (topic for some other time).

Here's hoping your 2019 is off to a great start and that good things are ahead for all.

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