A year older and a year more...whatever.

I'm on hold with the airline, so I probably have enough time to fill all (both) of my readers in on everything that's happened in the 13 months since I last posted in great, great detail.

Being that my last post was more than a year ago and about my birthday, you sleuths probably already figured out I lived to see another one. I'm supposedly a year older and a year wiser, but mostly I feel a year older, a year more stiff in the joints and a year more slower (body, mind and speed at which I get people's jokes).

That said, just when I think everything is going downhill for me, I can take comfort in this: At least I'm not the United States of America. Talk about not aging well.

First COVID, then Y'all Qaeda trying to take the whole thing down, and finally suffering through something called "The Weekend" putting on the halftime show at the Super Bowl.


It's probably just as soon I let go of the past year and focus on keeping hope alive.

And, along those lines, maybe I am getting SLIGHTLY wiser to the ways of the world. I've discovered myself sitting in a few dental offices in the last month. Without the gory details, the younger me probably would have felt sorry for myself. Besides the pain, the bills and the inconvenience and the anxiety are easy excuses to devolve into poor-me-ism.

But I was sitting there just about the whole time thinking, "How blessed I am that, at the drop of a hat, I can have literally world-class doctors fix my pain? And within walking distance of my house!"

I guess I'll say I'm a year older, at least a handful of minutes-worth wiser, and maybe I'm having a renaissance where I'm too complacent to even be grumpy.

Anyway...it's 2021 now and I'm not dead so, like the country song says, "All things considered I'm doing just fine."

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